Grandpa Pike’s Outhouse Reader

Humorous, inspiring, and sometimes thought-provoking stories.

The subject of outhouses must be handled delicately. So we will tiptoe around it, moving from foot to foot, like you would—and you do—when you need to “go” and there is no suitable facility nearby. A novel is too long for one sitting. However, a book like this contains short reads, and you can simply fold down the corner of the page when you are done. Upon your next visit, you might choose a story at random, the length of which you’ll determine by estimating the time required to complete the job. You’ll figure it out, and we hope some of these pieces will take your mind off the more mundane tasks of the day.

Grandpa Pike’s Outhouse Reader is not about outhouses, though. It’s about history, rural living, family, religion, places that are gone, ordinary people who have done extraordinary things . . . and much more! Laugh, cry, or groan . . . these stories are guaranteed to move you!

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