The year will later be known in Latin as Anno Domini, the year of our Lord.

The Bible does not specify, but most Scholars believe it was on a September night. The important point is that the event did occur, and approximately 2000 years later, we celebrate the date of December 25th as His birthday.

Come back with me.

It is a cool perfect starlit night in a small community, an hour’s walk from Bethlehem.

Rachel, a young housewife is waiting up for her husband, Silas, who is hours late returning from the market in Bethlehem. She has the door barred against intruders and a tiny oil lamp is burning on the window sill.

She is worried as there are thieves and beggars along the way who can get very aggressive if you have nothing to offer them, and her husband is poor.

She has a momentary flash of anger as she wonders if he has run into friends and gone off carousing.

Her anger quickly returns to fear for she knows in her heart that he would not leave her alone so late without real cause.

She looks out the window as she hears footsteps approaching in the quiet darkness.

Soon a man comes into view, his outline against the moonlight and she sees that he is staggering and disheveled. When he gets close enough that she can be sure it is Silas, she swings open the door to him. She smells the wine and sees straw sticking out of his clothing and is about to vent her anger when she is stopped dead by the childlike look of wonder in his widened eyes and the trickle of tears that stain his cheeks.

She has no way of knowing that she is about to hear the perfect excuse for arriving home in the middle of the night, in such a condition.

---and Silas sits down on their one wooden chair and Rachel takes his hands and crouches beside him as he tells her his story.





1/ You won’t believe why I’m late, Rachel
Coming home from the market tonight.
There’s a big star hanging low in the east
And I just had to follow its light.

2/ Then 3 guys I know who are shepherds
Said, “Silas there’s nothing to fear.
“The star is a sign of the birth of the Saviour
“ For an angel to us did appear.”

3/ They were following the star to a stable
As told by the angel they should,
For there the Lord would be waiting
So I followed along, ---like you would.

4/ And when we arrived at the stable
A mother and Baby we saw.
And a man who called himself Joseph
Sat together with them in the straw.

5/ And the Child looked at us in the doorway
As the animals knelt down to Him
And the shepherds fell right to their knees,
With fear and trembling within.

6/ And the goods that I bought at the market
And the figs I chose special for you
I handed them all to His mother
And then I worshipped Him too.

7/ And soon a large crowd was gathered,
And wise men great treasures did bring,
All were like servants in front of this Child
For they knew that He was their King.

8/ Then a soldier rode in toward us
And reined in his steed in dismay,
That the crowd was determined to stop him,
That mere animals kept him at bay.

9/ So the Roman spurred his mount onward
But the horse refused to take part,
He snorted and reared and whinnied,
Then he galloped away in the dark.

10/ At last the shepherds were leaving,
And we shared a skin full of wine,
To celebrate the birth of the Master,
We stopped at the Inn for a time.

11/ So that’s why I smell so bad, Rachel,
Sure, I was up half of the night!
And that’s why I’m covered in straw and manure
And why my clothes are a fright.

12/ You’ve got to believe what I say, Rachel,
I know that my story seems odd,
But I just had to follow that light, Rachel
------------ And I just met the Son of God!
So I did…Yes!…. I just met the Son of God!


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