Laurie Blackwood Pike was born at Stanhope, Newfoundland. When he was four years old, his parents decided to move to Canada. Since he was not yet in school and did not have steady work, he decided to go with them. [Like you would]

He first sang publicly in his father's Church choir and at 15 joined a men's Gospel group - The Berean Quartet. They performed around Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at the Town Mission, The Knights of Columbus, etc.

In his adult years he has performed only occasionally in public, usually at the gigs of musician friends. He prefers the intimacy of a kitchen party, or working with his Musical Muse — Hockey Gale in the studio late at night.

A businessman and commercial traveler by occupation, he worked as a Business Development Manager with a national chain of Hardware and Building Supply stores.

He is married to Kathleen [Katie] Pike who works in the Hardware/Building Supply Industry as well. Katie is also a part time Crafter and Visual Artist working in Acrylics, Oil, and Stained Glass. Their daughter, Laurie Shannon, is an RN, currently working in Oncology at St. Dominic's Hospital in Jackson Mississippi. Grandpa is not a Grandfather, but got the nickname Grandpa when his hair went prematurely gray, while in his 20's.

In 1986 he bought a rural General Store, developed a logo and trade style and branded the business Grandpa Pike's. His unique store was profiled in the hardware industry's Hardware Merchandising magazine. In recent years he has used the name Grandpa Pike for charity work.

In 2007 he partnered with The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada, Newfoundland-Labrador Chapter, to release a music CD. "The Will To Live" contains Country, Irish, Folk and Gospel tunes and is still selling, and raising money for The Wish. 

In 2009 he partnered, again with The Wish,to produce a Gospel/Christmas CD. This CD entitled "For Christ's Sake!", was released in November. 

Retired now from the business world, Grandpa is a full time writer. His book, 'Grandpa Pike's Outhouse Reader', published by Flanker Press in 2017, is a collection of stories and essays, mostly drawn from his 50 years in the workforce. Variously funny, sad, or inspirational, they speak of exceptional people, places, and of times that were simpler and kinder.

Grandpa Pike
P.O. Box 585
Placentia, NL A0B 2Y0

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